Friday, May 23, 2008

We all went to the doctor yesterday...

Lucy weighs in at 10lbs 5 oz and is 22.5 inches long. According to our pediatrician (who is soon to be our former pediatrician, but that's an entirely different post) she is doing just fine. She also got her first round of shots and did fairly well with them. While we were at the doctor I asked him to take a look at Lily's ear because she had pulled on it a few days ago. Sure enough, another ear infection and me leaving feeling like the worst mommy ever because she's been much more fussy than usual for at least the past week.

There's no freaking way I'm posting my weight on here, but I got good news from the ortho. I have a walking cast for the next 4 weeks and he's optimistic that I'll be OK after that. Apparently I had what is called an evulsion (?) fracture which means basically that the tendons or ligaments or whatever muscley-goodness hold my ankle together ripped hard enough to chip off some bone. That explains that fact that I can now bear some weight on the ankle (i.e. it wasn't a joint fracture) and also why it hurts like a mother.

So that's my update. Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend


armsforanangel said...

I wish I had something witty to say right now, but I'm fresh out. I hope things run a bit smoother soon for you guys.

Barb said...

Just found your blog from Kara's. It's fascinating to read about your lives with the girls.