Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Not a ton to blog about these days. Lily and Lucy are both doing well. Lucy is holding her head up pretty well on her own - she started that about a week ago. She's trying really hard to laugh / make noises when she is smiling. Oh yeah, and she smiles at lots of people now... but she still smiles more for us.

No news on Lily's case. Not sure what, if any, program biodad has made on his caseplan. I called PGM last week to see when she wanted to get together to talk and she hasn't returned my call. This weekend we are taking Lily see her MGGM about an hour and a half away. They weren't able to come to her party because MGGP had pneumonia and was in the hospital. Both the great grandparents and my parents were devestated that they didn't get to meet each other so we are all going to "have a visit" this weekend. Should be good.

Other than that nothing much to report from Chez Psychic. I guess no news is good news for right now.


JUST A MOM said...

all is well is GREAT NEWS!!!!!

Steph said...

Good to hear there's no news! How weird is that?
Hope the visit is fun. It's great you're doing that.