Friday, April 18, 2008

Warning to all Ohio foster parents

According to a link from the Columbus Dispatch and a reporter from the Cincinnati Enquirer, your name and address is about to become public record:

State court orders release of foster-parent records
Friday, April 18, 2008 5:35 AM
Names and addresses of foster-care parents, sought by The Cincinnati Enquirer after the August 2006 murder of 3-year-old Marcus Fiesel, must be released, a unanimous Ohio Supreme Court ruled yesterday.

The ruling came despite a state law passed in February that will bar public access to foster-home details. However, that law doesn't take effect until May 14.


PB and I are lucky enough to not have to worry about the ramifications of this decision. All of the bioparents we have worked with (past and present) seemed like OK people and we were never afraid for them to find out where we lived once we got to know them. We still have a listed phone number, in fact.

However, some people aren't that lucky. Some biological parents are (rightly or wrongly) very upset at the system and often displace that anger onto foster parents. Those people are now in danger.

Even if no danger is involved in the situation, the decision to disclose my address or not, ought to be mine and mine alone.



Rebecca said...

So much for trying to protect the children. Seriously. If names are released, children currently place in homes are in jeopardy.

I realize the system doesn't give a shit about the adults trying to work with it (foster parents), but this decision is not in the best interest of the children in the foster system.

What's the point of trying to meet on neutral locations, if any bio-family can just come straight to you?

Blech. Sorry, I've watched this one go through the system and am supremely disappointed in our Supreme Court. I thought their legal reasoning was rather b.s.

Runergirl said...

That is so wrong!!!

Susan said...

This is outrageous! My home is confidential for the safety of the children living in it! I realize the system doesn't care about me or my family, but what about the children in my care? I've had bio's that have violent tendencies and the children are protected from that because the B parents don't know where they are!

Dream Mommy said...

Considering Bubbles' parents were drug dealers, I would have been terrified if they knew where we lived. Bio parents can show up at foster families' homes and harass them. Very disturbing.

TeamWinks said...

I'd be pissed as all hell!

JUST A MOM said...

I am late sorry,,, well funny thing, we had one of our foster children taken at an office visit and was missing for a few hosues untill mommy and daddy brought him back to US saying sorry.. AND we moved in a bio mom of one of our babies eyah we are weird like that it worked out great though. off to catch up

Edwin said...

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