Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I pretty much walked around feeling incredibly lucky this weekend. We took the girls to get their pictures done on Saturday morning, then just played (even outside!) all day. On Sunday, my folks brought my grandma over to see the girls, and we had lunch and got ice cream. It was almost a perfect weekend - if it had culminated in a low key bbq with some friends, by the pool, well I might have died from sheer happiness.

Lucy was given the all clear by the doctor on Friday - she is back up to her birthweight (7lbs) and he told us to "stop worrying about how much she's eating". On Saturday, she finally started to actually act like she was hungry when it was time to eat, instead of accepting small amounts that we kind of forced her to take, as she had been previously. We also got an amazing picture if what I'm counting as her first "smile" even though I know it was completely unintentional.

Lily is trying to cut four (four!) teeth at the same time, which makes her pretty unhappy at night, but hopefully we'll be done with it soon. She played on a real playground with other kids for the first time this weekend, and she loved it.

Last night, PB's softball team had a scrimmage and we took the girls out to watch. Lily finally decided to play in the dirt - grass and sitting / standing on her own outside have really been freaking her out - so that was fun. She spotted PB on the pitcher's mound and jumped up and down at the fence, yelling to get his attention.

That's about it around these parts. No news on Lily's case yet. We're consulting attorneys to decide how / when to fight for her if it comes to that, but we haven't taken any action. As lucky as I am to have my girls for right now, that's always in the back of mind. I'm working on it.


Runergirl said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend!!!!!:)

I think you should have a plan; and honestly, I think you should fight for her. She has been with you two and only knows you as her parents.

JUST A MOM said...

try and relax,,,,, enjoy every day!!!! I am so sure that they are beautiful..