Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lily's checkup

Lily had her one year well baby check today. She is small for her age, but her weight is exactly proportionate for her height... hmmm.... I sense a theme here. She weighted in at 18lbs, 4oz and is 27 1/4 inches long.

She is doing amazingly well. The doctor was very impressed by the size of her vocabulary and how well she is walking. She actually said that Lily looks "fantastic" and developmentally is way ahead.

Lily's birthday party went well. She was inundated with far too many gifts and she ate *a lot* of cake... I think a good time was had by all.

Lucy is also doing well - she has picked up the pace when it comes to eating and is getting her puffy squirrel cheeks back. She is still kind of fussy, not in a shrill, unhappy way, but more in a mildly displeased, life is not perfect kind of way. When she was at the doctor last Wedneday, she weight 7lbs 4.5 ozs, so she's made it quite a bit past her birth weight. I also could swear she smiles when she hears our voices... though I am pretty sure it's much too early for that.

Unless she's going to be a child prodigy like her big sister.... which high stress, childhood ruining activity should I get them started in?


Steph said...

Hmmmm. Beauty pageant is too obvious, maybe a new anchor? Start prepping her with big words like forecast and pollution advisory~
Great to hear/read both girls are doing so well. I find with Sweet Pea each little moment is a milestone as he is so high maintainance! Sounds like you'll experience the same (already are) with Lucy when in comparison to Lilly.
I hesitate to comment on the family situation b/c as I've stated before, it stinks. But you can't even know how hard I'm wishing for the very very best here, which would be for all relatives to remain just that..

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure how I stumbled across this blog, but after reading a few entires I was compelled to go back to the very beginning of it and read from there. In the past few hours I've learned of your struggles and heartache throughout the fosters that you've had, and it has at times reduced me to tears. I can't imagine how I would cope with what you have been through, but I certainly would not be capable of the coherancy that you display, nor the hopefulness (which you've said has slapped you around... but you still pick yourself up, which I find admirable). Yours is an inspiring tale, and I wish your family all the best, especially Lily who undoubtedly will be part of a loving home for the rest of her life once PGM makes her decision.

(And haven't the acronyms been fun to figure out? Took me more than a few pages of entries to figure out CW alone!)