Friday, April 11, 2008

i hesitate to send this out the internets

but we might have got a very surprising and very positive call from Lily's caseworker.

he might have scared the ever livin' shit out of me by first asking about Lucy and when we got her and how we didn't mention it when he came to our house recently.

but then he might have said that they were planning to file for pcc in June and that PGM might be leaning towards letting us keep lily.



JUST A MOM said...

OH OH OHOHOH ok calm.... calm HOW STINKING COOL IS THAT!!!! WWWOOOHHOOO OK calm,,,,, have a great weekend.

rebecca said...

Yep, it is encouraging and you know already that all you can do is look at it as encouraging. But, if that's the case, you know you can let PGM know about continuing to visit, etc. if you adopt, that Lily will know ALL of her family, etc.

Think it had something to do with you guys taking her to her birthday party so they could check YOU out?

Very good news indeed.

FosterMommy said...

Maybe I say "yay!!". :)

Let's hope they're not just yanking your chain, but chances sure are high that they are - ya know, it being foster care and all.

rae said...

oh amanda i hope this leads to a fairytale ending.
btw, nay and i loved that whale outfit that lucy was wearing so much in that pic that nay bought one for kailen!! lol.
if you haven't gotten the gifts yet, its nay's fault not mine.

Amy said...

All of our fingers and toes crossed over here for you guys (and with 3 human, 3 canine, and 1 feline that's a lot of digits indeed)! I hope, hope, hope this is finally it and PGM has realized that leaving Lily with you is for the best!

Runergirl said...

That is wonderful and would be the right thing for your girl:)

Kellie said...

Hoping and praying for your family!