Friday, April 18, 2008

I heart my commenters

OK. You guys all seriously rock. I am amazed at the level of support I've found through reading other people's blogs and writing my own. Someone recently left an anonymous comment on my "Lily's Checkup" post that I really wanted to thank you for. Since you posted anonymously, which is is fine with me, I had to do it here :-)

Anyway. I've also got a couple of questions regarding abbreviations recently. So I'm going to put a list of the ones I used most commonly:

  • cw or cw - caseworker. Usually if there is drama involved I am referring to the child's caseworker, because our cw is teh awesome.
  • TOC - Temporary Order of the Court. This is usually a 30-day order, issued after an emergency removal order (that's a three day order which allows a child to be removed while CPS investigates. The TCC basically gives the county some time to decide how they want to proceed with the case. Both Baby Bear and Bebe were only under TOC
  • TCC - a more longstanding order, called Temporary Court Commitment. This is usually good for 6 months or a year. Lily is currently under a 12-month TCC. Generally, this is used when the County know that the bios will need to work a caseplan, but expect reunification.
  • PCC - Permanent Court Commitment. My understanding of this is that it is exactly what it sounds like - the child is permanently removed from their parents' custody. This is when they start planning for adoption. Or I guess sometimes for older kids, a PPLA (Planned Permanent Living Arrangement)
  • TPR - Termination of Parental Rights - This happens after PCC and usually involves a trial, I think. It is also pretty much exactly what it sounds like
  • PGM/P- Paternal Grandma, Paternal Grandpa
  • MGM/P - Maternal Grandma, Maternal Grandpa
  • TTC - Trying to conceive
  • CD - Cycle Day (although this also is Cloth Diapering, which we do... but I'm pretty sure the context will make it pretty clear); and last but certainly not least
  • PB - Pete Best (AKA The Fifth Beetle): My blog name for my husband, who is a hippie born 30 years too late.
Does that clear everything up? If there are any I left out, let me know.


Kara said...

We heart you too!!! Thanks a ton for the comment and thanks for the breakdown on the acronoymns. It has been so confusing.

Have a great weekend!

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JUST A MOM said...

ok now I have ot go read the comment,,,, oh wait look there that person ahead of me commented on mine too the livros e revistas wonder if YOU can read her blog I can't

Michelle said...

This was helpful, thanks. I am licensed, but don't have a placement yet, but hope to in the near future. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I always thought PB was for Papa Bear....


Deborah said...

Thanks for the clarification! Yours is really the only fostering blog I read. I can't explain why, I just like it. I'm learning that what usually makes me like a blog is feeling that I'd like the person if I met him/her in real life. But I was having a lot of trouble with the acronyms, so I'm glad you explained.