Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How people get to my blog

Recently I was inspired by some commenters who delurked (HI!, by the way) to look at my stat counter for this site. I love the google search feature. Some of the searches totally make sense:
  • Maybe I'm Psychic
  • Psychic blogspot
Others I can see:
  • cloth diaper pretreater
  • parents of foster child harassing foster parents in ohio
Some just crack me up:
  • i think im psychic, is there a way to control it? My answer... um... Maybe? (ba dum dum)
  • are ohio foster parents picked from a list? My answer... um... WTF? And not that I know of.
  • psychic craigslist - yes my services are for sale or trade
And one just made me sad:
  • will i ever get ride of broken heart
Really? Am I that much of a buzzkill that g.oogle finds me when searching for this phrase? Man, I'm amazed you still visit!

1 comment:

Yondalla said...

the one that I get the most is "How much do foster parents get paid?" I wrote a post to answer that one time and that single posts continues to get several hits every day.

The saddest one I ever got, that I thought about writing about but didn't was, "How to disrupt an adoption?" I really hoped that was by a student writing a paper.

The most fun was "gay lifeguards."