Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An update on both my girls

First Lily: she walked 7 steps in a row today. And PB got to see it.

Her c/w visit wasn't as terrible as I was afraid it might be... it doesn't seem like a move is imminent. Basically, the meeting was more of the same... mom hasn't been in touch, dad doesn't have a job, has been testing dirty and isn't doing his parenting / drug stuff yet. But, you know, if he busts his butt between now and April, then we'll go ahead and file for an extension.

PGM is still very much on the fence. He actually suggested that if they go for permanency (which they may at the June hearing) we might all (meaning us, her aunt and uncle who still see her and her dad and PGM) want to get together to decide what would be best for her.

Wha? You mean the team concept might actually be employed? I'll believe it when I see it.

You might not be able to tell it, but I actually do have a lot of respect for her c/w. I think he is good at his job and he doesn't let bioparents get away with much. The problem is that his hands are (almost) as tied by the system as ours.

At any rate, nothing is happening right NOW. There is still a possibility that we MIGHT be able to keep her. That's enough for me, for today.

Our other girl is also doing well... so far, she hasn't been medicated at all. She is eating better today and also seems to be sleeping more peacefully. Our biggest issue (right now) is that she is losing weight. She was born at a healthy 7lbs, then dropped to 6 lbs 9oz Sunday and to 6lbs 5oz yesterday. Apparently it's OK for an infant to lose up to 10% of their body weight over the course of a week or so... but over the course of 2 days, well, that's cause for concern.

They've bumped her up to a high calorie formula, and she seems to be coordinating her feedings better, so hopefully this won't be a concern for long.

In addition, we've *finally* received authorization to call in to get updates on her. This happened because her dad was there visiting and expressed his strong desire for us to be able to call in. Then, he called me himself, from the hospital and gave me his "band number" which is the call-in code.

So, all is good with her for now. Unfortunately for her, w/d peaks between days 3 (today) and 5, so she may just be entering the worst part of it.

Tomorrow, I am heading back to Cleveland and I plan to stay through Sunday night. After that, we'll need to reevaluate her status and try to make some guess about how much longer we're looking at. I can't wait until we can get her home - leaving Lily behind really makes me sad. Who knew that one day I'd be splitting my time between two daughters in two different cities?

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FosterMommy said...

Yay for Lily! Squeak has made 3 steps (he didn't realize it) and 2 other steps that he did notice. He'll be off and running soon enough.

I hope they do go for permanency for Lily sooner than later. She needs it!

And I certainly hope your other little girl gets through this rough patch asap and gets out of that hospital!