Friday, March 14, 2008

Rest assured....

Late night visits will not be happening again, if I can help it.

Lily finally got home at 9:30. Now I don't think nap and bed times are sacrosanct, that kind of rigidity is not my personal priority - though I do understand that for some children, routines are absolutely necessary. So a disruption in her schedule does not normally cause me to flip out. That said, Lily is in a pretty consistent pattern of going to bed around 7:00 -7:30.

IMHO, transporting an infant to a visit with her biological family in a city an hour away in the evening is just not acceptable... it really isn't.

Her cw insists it is a one-time thing. And if I have anything to say about it - which, let's face it, I really don't, especially if I'm not the one transporting - it will be.


JUST A MOM said...

ok your right I am sorry it is so much easier to be cocky on the outside huh.... sorry and I so hope it does not happen again it is so hard. Hang in there,,,

Susan said...

Even though we are not super tight on bedtimes and naps, the kids do need to sleep. I have said that baby is available before 1pm and from 3:30-7:00 or something like that. Lily's SW wanted to set up visits twice each week from 1-3pm. U-u-h no. She said "Susan, we all need to be flexible here." I said "No problem. I will be very flexible. The baby is a baby. She doesn't understand flexible yet. And she needs to nap." I cc'd baby's attorney on every email back and forth and after a couple of times reiterating that it was not best for baby the SW arranged morning visits! Since of course it is all about what is in the child's best interest, right?

Steph said...

Can you get that 'this is a one time thing' in writing??
Fat chance.
Sounds like you're going to have to put on your I DON'T THINK SO hat next time around. And if they are going to have longer visits, they should be somewhere she can nap if she needs to.
Good luck.