Friday, March 28, 2008

Luuuucccccyyyyy, you're home

Don't worry, that won't be the worst I Love Lucy reference, I promise.

Lucy is home. We returned last night around 8pm. She met my sister, was greeted by her bug sister (who was promptly put to bed), then snuggled with her daddy and ate 3ozs of formula.

Which was all she ate until I woke her up at 2:30. Then she at an ounce and a half. Slept again, until PB woke her up at 7:30am, when she at an ounce. Yes, that's aout 2.5 ozs in 12 hours. Not good.

We called our doctor this morning and they told us to bring her in. He suggested it was a feeding issue related to nipples that were slightly different than those used in the hospital. He did not seem to be concerned about the small amount of formula and told us to call if / when she went 6 - 8 hours without a wet diaper. She weighs in at 6lbs, 10oz, so she is approaching her birthweight pretty quickly. We take her back in a week for a follow up.

I am a giant ball of stress right now, which is not what I was expecting. I hope she starts eating for us soon.

In the "Oh-my-god-my-girl-is-brilliant" moment of the week - the first time Lily saw us feeding Lucy, she promptly made the sign for water and pointed at her cup, the first time I've seen her generalize a sign or word in any way.

Gotta love that.


Runergirl said...

Congrats!!! This is such wonderful news!!! E-mail me pictures; that's right I'm not asking, I'm telling:)

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And my goodness, Lily is just getting so big and smart. She's amazing, even if she is walking now! ;-)