Friday, February 29, 2008

Now is a bad time for me to be making decisions

I think there should be a warning on Clomid. Maybe on all fertility drugs... Do not undertake important decisions while taking this medicine.

Unlike injectibles, which directly stimulate the ovaries to work (hence the choice of injection sites), Clomid operates on the ovaries indirectly - by stimulating the areas of your brain that control your ovaries. In essence, by changing how your brain works.

For me, this mostly shows up on CD 6 - 10. Which is when the Clomid apparently builds up enough to allow the emotional centers of my brain turn me into a crying, drooling mess. Remember how I love the hyperbole? Well, for me, Clomid causes emotional hyperbole.

Everything becomes important, and anything (really, anything) can reduce me to an emotional mess.

So of course now (on CD5) would be when I would receive more information about the potential emom from the agency we're (kinda, sorta) working with. Especially since we have to give them an answer by Monday (CD 8). And, before you ask, I am deliberately not blogging the new information because I am still processing it, sorry to hold out on you like that.

I guess the question is just how much I want to allow my emotions to influence the process. And how much I am capable of keeping them in check. Will keep you posted :-)


LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

Your side effects are similar to the ones I had on Lupron. I was turning into chicken little, seriously believing that the sky was falling sometimes. :-)

Hang in there. You have lots on your plate while actively dealing with IF and taking fertility meds. Overachiever, perhaps? :-)

Seriously, though, make sure that you make the decision that is in your best interest. Please let us know once you decide.


Maerlowe said...

I don't know about the whole Clomid thing, but when I'm especially insane and totally incapable of rational thought, I foist the lion's share of the decision making on the Hubs. Since you and PB know each other so well, maybe just institute the "Rule of No." If one person says no, then both say no.

Good luck. Big stuff.

Dawn said...

Oh virtual hugs to you! Clomid made me CRAZY.

Runergirl said...

I love "why clomid can bite me!!!" Clomid drove me crazy too:)

Cookie's Mom said...

Hubby feels for you - HE takes Clomid to boost his testosterone levels b/c his is low and it works that way in dudes. But instead of crying, he says he wants to throttle people. :)

Anonymous said...

You better get used to it- once you've been pregnant and had your baby you will be like that forever! LOL Im a blubbering emotional mess at anything thats even remotely happy or sad...yes I even cried at a rugby team spirit commercial- and I hate sport! :P