Friday, January 18, 2008

On a different note...

I need some advice. If anyone out there cloth diapers.

Yeah, I switched to cloth. Because the older I get the more hippie I become. Well, that, and you know a really nasty case of recurring diaper rash.

Anyway, three questions for anyone out there who has cloth diapered:
  1. Wet or dry pail?
  2. Any kind of pretreater for stains that works and doesn't cause buildup?
  3. Any kind of diaper cream you can use with cloth without ruining them?
Comments much appreciated.


Dawn said...

1. Dry.
2. No. (Hanging them out in the sun works wonders.)
3. Lanolin.


Rebecca said...

From my years in daycare:

1. Dry
2. No
3. Most parents back in the day only used Desitin, never noticed any staining, etc. on the diapers or wraps.

Rebecca said...

From my years in daycare:

1. Dry
2. No
3. Most parents back in the day only used Desitin, never noticed any staining, etc. on the diapers or wraps.

Anonymous said...

You asked for comments. Don't do it. Been there done that. Seriously.


MommyNay said...

Olivia was in cloth exclusively. No sposie touched her butt until she was 18months old and then started solids(yes we delayed that long) and watch over--I was OVER IT, LOL.
I tried cloth a few times with Alexander and Mackenzie and just couldnt hang with the formula and baby poop. Breast milk doesnt stink or stain(in my experience) BUT if you do get stains hanging them in the sun is amazing!

If *I* were going to do it again(with fosters, formula-etc) Here is the system *I* would use) OH also Susan CD's so talk to her.

I would use chinese prefolds with a snappi and bummis or prowraps covers(I have anumber for seconds if your interested lmk they are very affordable) Ive used a bit of everything thats out there and while I am a fuzzibunz fan I still like prefolds and basic wraps best.
If Lily is eating solids at all I would buy a diaper duck. Attach it to the toilet and give poopy diapers a quick rinse/ring and place them into a diaper/laundry bag- mine hung in my shower--any diaper pail in my experience absorbs the odors(and Im super senstive to smells so that didnt work for me) When its time to wash *I* do a rinse then a soak then a rinse then a wash(with as HOT of water as you can get) and then another rinse and then dry(or hang on the line)Dont put your covers made of PUL in the dryer they will break down much too fast) I dont know what type of washing machine you have, but ours I could set all of these rinses/washes etc and it ran all the way through--took over an hour. Use less than half the amnt of laundry soap as you think you need, and I found teh the cheapest powder worked the best for diapers--something without perfume is what most suggest and if shes been senstive that may be your best bet.

I dont think I would do it again, but thats just me. I loved it with Olivia, but it was just a whole new ball game with formula and food and not for me anymore.

But they are SO cute and addictive so watch out! At one point I had enough diapers in my stash that I could have gone a month without washing, LOL ok maybe not THAT many! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!

Lulu said...

Here's my advice. Skip the fancy, spendy (and adorable) diapers and then none of it matters so much.

I use prefolds and proraps or bummi wraps or snaps, and fuzzi bunz and Happy Heinys. I usually don't pin or snappi, but I like pins, if I feel the need. Snappis are easier on wiggly babies though, especially if you haven't pinned before.

I do a dry a pail and mostly don't use any diaper cream. I change frequently, and use a homemade salve of made of olive oil and beeswax as a barrier. When a kiddo gets a rash, I use lanolin, A&D, or Desitin. I don't really worry about the diapers. The desitin may leave a spot for a few washes, but it comes out eventually, if you aren't using it all the time.

I have friends who use bio-kleen bac-out for stains. I sometimes add oxy clean or borax to the wash, and I agree with the sunning advice, although again, I don't worry about it. They are diapers, yk? Stains seem to come and go.

Splooshing in the toilet is a good thing with formula babies and those on solids. I've always just done it by hand, but I have a high tolerance for yuck, and low tolerance for gadgets. MommyNay reccommended the diaper duck, which I've heard good things about. People also seem to like a thing called a mini-shower which attaches to your toilet tank so you can spray off the diaper into the toilet. I always thought that sounded like a good idea, but, five years and five diapered bums into the game, I've not yet tried it.

I used to do a pre-soak in my washing machine, but now I have a front loader so I don't. I do an extra rinse, use not-very much detergent (I use arm and hammer free and clear), and I do dryer dry the whole bunch on low. I hang in the summer, sometimes,, or when I'm feeling virtuous. I believe that covers break down faster w/ dryer use, but my dipes have been used by my 4 kids plus 2 of my friends kids and are still fine. So I think probably doesn't matter too much.

Cloth is great, imo. I think getting into the fancy diapers with the fussy washing requirements is what does people in.

Dream Mommy said...

You're brave. I don't have the time and hubby can barely change disposables without throwing up! Good luck.

Cookie's Mom said...

You are a brave, brave woman. But the diaper rash thing: Cookie is VERY prone to rashes and itchy skin around the diaper area. We use A&D Ointment - yellow salve in a tube you can find alongside the Desitin, etc. Desitin has some ingredients that some kids are sensitive too, like talc. I don't know if it stains, but it is wonderful for soothing a rash and having it gone in a day or two.

JUST A MOM said...

OK LADY YOU HAVE ME THE CLOTH DIAPER QUEEN I have 4 in cloth with a broken down dryer and it was not fun when one brought in geardia yeah it is a bug that is very catchy and they poooppp alot..

so I had dry pail and the stains take and fill your washer with HOT water putin a cut of bleach adn a cup of dry automatic dish washer detergent let it soak over night.... and then re-wash 2 times to get the bleach out.

I used Vaseline and let them air out good...... have fun

Anonymous said...

1. Dry
2. Don't pretreat.
3. Lanolin, Desitin can stain (esp. Fuzzy Bunz and the sort).

Use prefolds and a cover if you can, cheaper and easy. Wash non-perfume/non-dye laundry soap with borax. Don't use bleach, as it can be an irritant to baby. Extra rinse cycle on hot. If stained, put out in the sun to bleach. Covers hang to dry, prefolds in the dryer.

I LOVE cloth diapering. I really hate the look and feel of sposies.

CA Momma said...

Wow, what great information!
THanks for asking the questions Amanda.

FosterMommy said...

1. DRY, DRY, DRY. Wet causes the Stink of Doom. and grossness.

2. Nope. But if you lay them in the sun, that'll work out pretty much any stain. And, anyway, they're *diapers*. They're gonna stain. :)

3. There are some spendy creams that people claimn are fine with cloth. It depends what you're using - prefolds are pretty forgiving (or any other cotton diapers). Desitin can build up and cause a nasty fishy smell. You can buy some thin fleece and cut it up for liners and then use a cream. Then it just gets on the liner and you wash that and throw 'em out if they start repelling liquid.

I love love cloth. We use one-size pocket diapers, but have used fitteds and prefolds at times. The one-size is awesome for foster care, because then you always have the right diaper size on hand!