Friday, November 30, 2007

Lily is 8 months old!

I can't even believe she has been with us for that long. Right now, she is not at her finest - she has double ear infections (again!) and bronchitis. The thing we can't tell she is sick until it gets pretty bad. She never runs a fever, she doesn't get sad and mope and act like a sick baby, she just periodically gets really pissed off... which she also does when she's not sick. Of course, this doesn't stope me from feeling like mother of the year when I take her in and find out she's probably had this for a little while at least.

At any rate, she is on antibiotics now so hopefully we'll get the ear infection cleared up for good this time. As for milestones, we think she waved last night. We've been waving like crazy at her and last night she finally seemed to move her arm in response, so we're going to assume that's what it is.

Also, we are back in our master bedroom! Yay!! We finished the painting, ceiling, etc this weekend. Lily is in the guest room, which is a lot bigger so I think she will stay there for now. That means we just have to finish the drywall and paint the nursery.

That's about the only update I have for now. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Robin said...

They grow up so fast!!! I'm glad that your house is coming back together:0)

Susan said...

Does Lily do dairy? Even though the pediatrician said there was no allergy, once we took out oldest off of dairy all of the ear infections went away.

rae said...

maggie was the ear infection queen, i know your pain.
glad your bedroom is back in working order.
miss you....