Thursday, November 01, 2007

I *heart* the roller coaster

Man, I really need a sarcasm key on my keyboard.

Sorry I haven't posted much lately... the last couple of weeks have been pretty eventful. Let's do a list of good things and bad, shall we?

Good things:
  • Lily's caseworker has made several comments regarding "speeding up" her case and getting it transferred to adoptions. Trying not to get too excited because there is still the potential for quite a few family members to step up but I am much more optimistic than I was a month ago at this time
  • We met more of Lily's extended family - specifically, her maternal uncle (15 yrs old and looks just like Lily's mom), her great grandparents (who are literally some of the sweetest people I've ever met) and her cousin. All of them say if she doesn't go to family, they want her to stay with us.
  • Lily slept all night last night, for the first time in about 8 weeks. She is also over 14lbs and seems to be recovered from her various ailments (see below).
  • My dad had his gallbladder removed yesterday in an entirely uneventful procedure. It was done laproscopically. He entered surgey at 7:30am and by 11:30am was calling me from McDonalds (!) where he stopped to get a Coke on his way home (!!).
  • We have a new roof. WITH NO HOLES. Yay!!!
  • Contract renegotiation at work = substantial raise and monthly bonuses, provided the business stays healthy. Plus a commitment from my colleague (who is in the process of purchasing the business) to get me to "six figures as quickly as possible". Double Yay!!!!
  • Oh, and we got the most adorable Halloween pictures of Lily. She should be a model. Really.

And the not good things:
  • PB's grandma died. It was very sudden, though I guess it's never entirely unexpected when one is 84. The funeral entailed much interaction with PB's family (always a good time for me!) including a wonderful instance of exposing Lily to MERSA. Gotta love it.
  • Lily had double ear infections and pink eye last week and she continues to throw up... a lot.
  • Another failed match. I admit I was holding out on you guys... I didn't want to post for fear of jinxing it. But silly me, it's not an internet jinx, it's an Amanda and PB jinx. The story in a nutshell - we were matched and met with a 12-year old emom who was pregnant by her 14 yr old stepbrother. We really clicked with them (emom's mom sent us a bunch of family pictures for the album we were going to start for the baby, wanted to meet my parents and added me to her yahoo instant messenger list) and they seemed really set on placing. Then, they literally disappeared off the face of the earth, to the point of claiming the agency was calling the wrong number. Her due date was today. Good times.
  • And then, a failure to match... we were not chosen by another family we were presented to - the same agency who matched us with the emom above had an unexpected situation come up where a mom is being induced tomorrow. Our letter was presented yesterday and I haven't heard anything which I guess means we weren't chosen.
  • We still don't have any ceilings in our house. Not necessarily a bad thing because we are thinking of doing them ourselves and using the left over money to replace our front room carpet, which is so gross I don't want to walk on it, let alone let Lily crawl all over it. But still, pretty annoying.
So on the whole, not so bad. The adoption - baby situation is really bumming me out, but having Lily and allowing myself to be at least somewhat optimistic about the potential of adopting her has helped. I will admit it, I've let hope (the bitch that gut punches me every time) creep in at this point. We'll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

12 YEARS OLD!!!! OMG!!! I'm sorry, but there is no way anyone can convince me that a 12 year old could "parent". (And by the quotes I mean, that some other family member is going to be supporting the kid and doing the actual parenting. And the quality of that parenting is extremely suspect since it was a 12 YEAR OLD who got pregnant in the first place). sorry to rant on your blog.

Susan said...

Oops! Check you last reference to Lily at the end.

Sorry you are struggling so much with all of this. You know I am having many of the same struggles here.

JUST A MOM said...

HEY LOOK you have more good then bad (I think) oh man that little girl sounds like a case y ou might want to sear clear of anyway... good luck sounds like Lily is doing great sorry bout grandma,,,, have a great weekend

Jody said...

Sorry the matches didn't pan out. 12 yrs old! Wow that's young. I have to agree with anonymous' comment.

Cookie's Mom said... keeps running past my eyes. OMG indeed!! Whew, hun, you've really had your share of crap-ola recently, I'm gonna send all the positive vibes for a fabulous month ahead. Geez, a really sick little one is the worst - I think worse than being sick yourself sometimes. I'm so, so sorry. On a happy note, I'm still really glad every time I check in and see that Lily is still safe and sound and not going anywhere. Still, I'm just waiting for the day I check in and you have news on a TPR. REALLY hoping you get that soon.

Robin said...

Wow! That was a lot of info for a little amount of time. I am glad that it seems that lily will stay with you guys. I am also glad to hear that you literally have a roof over your head!!!
E-mail me if you want to talk.