Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lily update

Took Lily to W.IC today. She is now 13lbs, 7ozs and 24 inches long! She's 50% weight for height and 10% weight for age. Still little, but catching up, because last time we were at W.IC, they couldn't even plot her on the charts.

Speaking of W.IC. Why do they even bother to make appointments? I got there at 8:20 for my 8:30 appt and left at 9:50. Fun.

But I can't complain too much - Lily's doc has switched her to Alim.entum, which is about $26 for the small (16 oz can). For those of you who are number crunchers like me, that's about $1.36 per bottle. And if waiting for an hour and a half every three months will get me all of her formula for free, I guess it's worth it.

Stay tuned for another update on Saturday - that's when she gets her 6 month check up (and, unfortunately, shots).


Anonymous said...

$26 a CAN? Wow! Who can afford to bottle feed these days, sheesh!! I can't get over that.

I'm glad Lily is growing, she's a cutie - post some new pics!!


JUST A MOM said...

you would think they cjould keep on the times.....

Rebecca said...

Glad the county is taking care of that bill... I think we'd end up having to file bankruptcy if we had to feed an infant that stuff.