Monday, September 10, 2007

No news is not always good news...

So, we've been waiting for over two weeks to hear from our insurance adjuster.

The verdict? The check will be $1000 less than the quote we received to just fix the damage to the roof. That doesn't include personal property (like all our bedding, mattresses, and random clothes that were ruined. along with our bedroom carpet) or tree removal - which when a crane is involved doesn't come cheap.

Tree removal: $1800
Roof replacement: At least 12K
Getting to fool with insurance and contractors: Freaking Priceless.


Rebecca said...

Bwahahaha (at your tag, "why adjusters can bite me").

One other thought - if they keep f'ing you around, another possible source of assistance is a "independent insurance adjuster". They work for you, not the insurance company and they'll fight with the company.

Otherwise, as I've probably already said, welcome to "how insurance companies make money - by holding on to your premiums but yet not paying your claims."

Keep notes on your contact activities - I smell a "bad faith" claim against the co.! Jerks!

What did they want you to do, climb up on the roof with M's chainsaw yourself?

Leslie said...

I am so sorry!!! If you need, I can come up to Columbus with a baseball bat and break some knees! I hate that we're so far away and can't help!

Perhaps you could post some of the things that you need (e.g., the size of sheets you need, whether you need pillows) so that your friends who are far away can send you some stuff :-)

I love you and I'm so sorry!!!!

JUST A MOM said...

I hate when people change rules... hang in there keep kicking

Robin said...

WTF! That sucks!!! Why do we all pay so much for insurance???? I hope it all works out.