Thursday, July 19, 2007

Houston, we may have a problem.

An actual email conversation between R. and I:

Me: If I thought [PB] would let me get away with it, I'd definitely stay with you and Gibson (that's our dog).

R: Well, maybe there will be alcohol served in L's kingdom... [the party is Princess themed]

A. Yeah, right. I'm sure that no one is ever allowed to drink around Princess L. Is it bad that there have been several occasions lately where I have *seriously* considered taking a flask? I think that means I may be slipping into alcoholism. LOL

R: I just think that's a survival strategy. I only worry if I think about bringing a flask to work. If you are there, then I might start worrying just a little. But I do think it's a necessary fashion accessory for a 1-year-old themed birthday party.

Me: Well, OK then. I'll rely on you to keep me honest, and hopefully out of inpatient treatment.

The only concern is that alcohol makes me louder (which doesn't seem like it's humanly possible, but is actually true) and more obnoxious... Well, that and I don't actually have my own flask - I would have to borrow PB's. And while he is a total hippie born 30 years too late, I really think even he might object to that plan...


R. said...

Can you compromise with Bailey's and coffee with the birthday cake?


I'm with you on that one - albeit because my reason is that I am childfree and don't understand the need for 50 people and a theme for a 1 year old's birthday. It is hard to fathom having to sit through this while dealing with fertility and adoption and foster issues.

We'll have a Smirnoff Ice ready for you when you pick up the dog and we'll look forward to the blog about surviving the party.

Maerlowe said...

Here's the family secret for surviving dry b-day parties in summer, when you don't want body temp happyjuice -- go my dad's route and open a can of soda, drink a few sips, and top off with spirit of choice. Just don't set it down or let a kid have a drink.

JUST A MOM said...

ummm you could always need to drive to a "store" and get some gum. good luck