Thursday, June 07, 2007


That's what this post will be a - a little bit of everything.

First on the intensely angry front. I spoke with Baby Bear's grandma today because I needed her mailing address. This weekend I did something I've been needing to for a long time. I went through the mountain of pictures of Baby Bear and pulled out his early pictures for his mom and dad. Of course, I kept some for PB and I, but they didn't have any of his hospital pics or any of the pics we had done when he was 4 weeks old. It was funny because it felt OK going through them. It felt like I was nearing closure, even though it was a really sad closure.

And then I called his grandma. Turns out his mom is not following her caseplan (despite the fact that CS is closing the case next month). She has totally dropped out of school. She has Baby Bear Tues - Thurs, Dad (well, really, his grandma) has him Fri - Mon, but half the time, she's not there when they go to drop him off. And the kicker? Grandma thinks she's pregnant again! So, Baby Bear's got a great mom, huh? So angry.

And on the Oh my goodness, what do I do?? front, Lily has decided that sleep is her arch enemy. Seriously, it's like she's Batman and blissful slumber is the evil spawn of Mr. Freeze, Penguin Man and The Joker all rolled in to one. She gets really tired, but it's like she's somehow forgotten how to go to sleep. She's not even fighting it, necessarily. I think she's having a hard time relaxing enough to drop off. Poor thing. She's mad and can't sleep and then not sleeping makes her madder and... you know the drill. Seasoned moms with tips, please help!

And on the Yay, something is going well front, things seem to be progressing nicely with the Chicago adoption situation. We continue to talk with C & K and they continue to seem pretty certain about their decision. And, K was able to get health insurance through the state which means the insane amount of money I've been able to borrow in the last four weeks will likely over all the expenses because we won't have crazy medical bills.

And finally, on the Dear God in Heaven why can we never agree on anything?? front, PB and I have been kicking around names for what we affectionately call "The Chicago Baby". As is the case with most things that can be impacted by personal preference, we don't agree. I guess we should have taken the hint when it took us two weeks to pick out a wedding invitation because each of us literally hated what the other picked out. I'll let you know when we reach a compromise we can both agree on.

I think that's it for now. Sorry about the drive by posting. I've been working like crazy and doing some extra stuff on the side to try to pay my attorney, agency, healthcare costs for Chicago, so I have 0 time. I'll try to do better, promise.


Robin said...

I'm so excited for you and your Chicago baby, especially since that's where I am orginally from!

R. said...

Aye yi yi, on Baby not sleeping. That's how I'm sleeping right now, and I can't even fix it as an adult!


Cookie's Mom said...

Hey, I'll take a "drive by" post any day! My biggest tip to get Cookie to sleep is a specific order every single night: dinner, warm bath with lavender baby-bath, diaper & powder & jammies, a sippy cup of milk, read 3 books in the bed with mommy and daddy, then - here's the best part - foot and leg massage with shea butter baby lotion. Now, she sticks her little feet up in the air in anticipation! Then she closes her eyes and drinks her milk and we turn off the lights and we both sing a couple of songs - "You are my sunshine", "itsy bitsy spider" and my all-time favorite old Carpenter's song "Close To You". On a typical night, she's out in a few minutes. Now, it's not without challenges, but its the best we've found so far. Also, we've mixed in a nightly walk in the neighborhood in her stroller before or after dinner that tends to relax her too sometimes. I sure feel for ya, we have a rough go of the sleeping thing with Cookie.

FosterMommy said...

Oh I'm with you on the sleep issues. Do you have a baby sling of any kind? is a great one (once you figure out how to wrap it). Niblet & Squeak both slept/sleep great in it. We put Squeak in it facing inward, cover his face/head with the sling, and walk around the block and he's out like a light. Even walking around the house works pretty well. Add a pacifier, and you're golden.

Otherwise, can you pinpoint stuff that she has trouble with? Like if she tends to pop her eyes open and not be able to ignore *THE WORLD!!* then maybe you can reach into the crib and gently cover her eyes with your hand while you sing or whatever. and keep it there until she's fast asleep. Stuff like that. Are you still swaddling her? Cuz that can help, too.