Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The long awaited update

Finally heard from Lily's CW today.

Mom did not show up for the hearing last week because she was in jail. Potential dad did, however, show up, which surprises me. CW was perturbed that the only questions he asked were what Lily looked like and if she was cute. Paternity testing has been ordered and if it comes back that he is the dad, I guess they will start visits.

Unclear when mom's visits will resume, though according to her sister (who contacted the cw to let him know about the jail thing) she still wants to see her.

Also unclear at this point if sister is a potential relative placement. We'll see what happens.

Hearing was continued until June 19th.


Tamara said...

Wow - just wow. It is so good that she in jail - she can't use there and can't hurt Lily. Relative placements with drug addictions like that usually can't be found b/c the problems are so systemic. We pray the social workers investigate any relative placement quickly so Lily's case can move along quickly.

Anonymous said...

thinking of you

~Renee(who is too lazy to log in)

Anonymous said...

Hope they are investigating ALL of this cast of characters. The mother was getting her drugs from someone! (i.e., boyfriend).

Who typically only thinks, "are they doing this all by the book?"

Robin said...

Well, all we can do is pray for the best.

rae said...

always someone popping up out of nowhere it seems........i just hope everything works out the way it should. and i'm thinking about you. i hope you are okay, friend.....

Dream Mommy said...

Is she cute?? You've got to be kidding me. Maybe cw should have said no and he would go away. It doesn't sound like he has the attitude to work a case plan. I pray they don't make her visit bio mom in jail, since she has nothing else to do now.