Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's a girl!!

In the same hospital where Baby Bear was. I am trying to come up with an internet name for her right now.

Haven't met her yet, but here are the "specs"
  • Born 2/25
  • Tested pos for oxycotin at birth. On methadone for tremors, but they are weaning her off right now.
  • 4lbs 10oz (again at birth)
  • Apgars: 8 and 9 (Yay!)
  • Will probably be released later this week.
We are so excited. I will post more details later, because I shouldn't be blogging at work, but I figured a drive by posting would work for now.


TeamWinks said...

Great news! Sticking to your guns paid off!

MommyNay said...

yay! Congrats!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Congratulations! :)

FosterMommy said...

oh my! congrats!
that is *such* a tiny baby - do you know if/how premature she was?
When do you pick her up??

Things really do happen the way they're supposed to. Even our situation with Joy...if she hadn't been placed elsewhere, we would still have had her when the call for Squeak came. We probably would have had to move her, anyway.

Rae said...

hello out there? its been TWO WHOLE DAYS since you updated us. I'm dying out here!