Monday, March 12, 2007

Turned down :-(

Got a call today about a 11-month-old little girl. She needs to be moved immediately and we can't take any time off work tomorrow so I had to turn it down.

Backstory: Mom is a heroin addict who has already had three kids taken from her. Baby has been staying with grandma. Mom took baby from Grandma's and ran, OD'd on heroin and baby ended back up in foster care. Grandma wants to remain part of the case, but mom is currently living with grandma so baby can't be placed there.

It's so sad... I want to take all of the kids they call me about but I just can't. This would be so much easier one of us (meaning PB) was a stay-at-home parent.

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MommyNay said...

awww! Im sorry you had to say no! Is that something you all are considering? Having DH be a SAHD?