Saturday, February 03, 2007

We actually turned down a placement!

Yes, you read that correctly. We turned down a placement. They called us yesterday for a newborn baby girl. Her mom has committed to adoption, there was an adoptive couple in town for the birth from Massachusetts, but at the 11th hour, biodad showed up and said no.

Biomom still didn't want to take the baby home, the adoption agency basically bowed out and so the hospital called Children's Services. It was hard to say no, but for us, the best case scenario here would be adopting a baby that another family already had their hearts set on adopting... and we *can't* do that. So we passed.

PB actually put a hold on our house for two weeks. We both are still pretty sick - it's amazing what having a three-year-old in daycare will do to your system - so we need some time to rest and recover. Plus we're doing respite care for J. next weekend, and she's got her two little ones, plus a teen mom and her baby right now, so we'll have our hands full. I'm guessing we'll probably have another placement near the end of Feb / beginning of March, and it's kind of nice to know that we won't get any calls for the next couple of weeks.

And, PB is actually serious about all this house stuff. He had me looking at paint colors and bar stools today... so maybe it won't be all R & R after all...


Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear that you are both sick, but I'm not surpised... after gosh knows how many weeks, I'm still coughing at night. So, given that you are both still sick, and knowing that the only cure is rest and lowered stress, it was probably for the best to turn down the placement and place a hold on your house.

And, it's just a shame about the other adoptive family - you've kind of been there and done that and I can see why you aren't interested in potentially affecting another couple that way.

TeamWinks said...

That must have taken a bit of conviction to turn down. I'm glad you did what was right for you and your family.

Susan said...

Congratulations Amanda-

My first turn down was really emotional. It still breaks my heart to say no when they call (but they always call again)

I always feel like there was a reason I get the call when I don't take the placement for whatever reason (even if it is the county's issue) so I pray for the little ones that don't come home here.

Renee, said...

I dont understand--if dad said "no" to adoption why didnt HE take the baby home????

Enjoy your break!

Amanda said...

I don't get it either, Renee.