Saturday, February 10, 2007

Now that that's out of my system...

we return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Specifically, back to listening to me whine.

We are doing respite this weekend for J. - we have the two girls (10 months and 2). While I really love these two girls and I think they're adorable, I am amazed at how different it is to care for them compared to our past experience.

My experience with these girls and with BeBe may be attempting to teach me something. I may not be cut out to deal with toddlers and pre-toddlers. I don't have the patience to repeat things many, many times. I don't particularly enjoy following a little person around all day, attempting to keep them from eating everything in sight. I don't like having to fight to get them to sleep...

In short, my experience with toddlers has been 180 degrees different from my experience with infants. I like babies. I like that they can't move when you put them somewhere. I like that when they're crying you can pretty reliably figure out what's up (they're hungry, they need changed or they're tired). I like that they can't say no and why.

I wonder what this means for our plans for adoption. I wonder if it will be any different if it's a toddler I've raised from a baby. I wonder if maybe, for me, the toddler years are something to be survived, something sandwiched between baby and reasonably logical older child.

Not quite sure.


Susan said...

My least favorite age is from about one till around two. Maybe a little older depending on the baby. I LOVE newborns and pre-mobile babies and I love interactions with a somewhat reasonable (hahahaha) toddler. But I never enjoy the toddler on a suicide mission. I can love them to bits, so much that when I sit in the rocker and watch them sleep it brings tears to my eyes, but I don't so much enjoy chasing them off of the kitchen counter that they have climbed up on for the two hundredth time in an hour! This has been the same whether I have birthed them, raised them from an infant or just gotten them as toddlers.

Yondalla said...

Toddlers wear you out.

The only ones I had to live with were my bioboys. Fortunately for me Hubby stayed home with the second and I lived in a great neighborhood with the first. There were half a dozen of us with toddlers. When our toddlers woke up from their afternoon naps we would go outside. If someone was out you headed to their house. If you were first you sat down and waited for everyone to show up at yours.

I loved them enormously, and being alone all day with them would have made me insane.

TeamWinks said...

I think we all have our strengths, and it is different when you've worked your way up to the toddler years. Jumping in with both feet without that buildup is tough work!