Sunday, February 18, 2007

I want a baby!

Most of you probably said, "Well, duh." to that. But I don't mean in the general sense. I mean in the specific, I want to call our agency and tell them we're ready at any time sense. I miss having a a kid around, I'm well-rested and we've both recovered from our constant sniffles courtesy of BeBe's preschool.

I found a new daycare arrangement since J. is really busy at her place. A foster dad who stays at home with the kids, not too far from PB's work.

So I think it's time. Alas, PB is still determined to at least get our bar in. That's the scheduled project for next weekend so hopefully we'll be OK for the beginning of March timeline.


Renee, said...

yay! can't wait! ring phone ring!

I'll email either later tonight or tomorrow :o)

Robin said...

Got to love babies!

Susan said...

I know exactly what you mean. I do OK for a little while with empty arms, then I start needing my baby fix! It is completely irrelevant what shape the house is in, if we have travel coming up or whatever. Lucky for me Honey is much more level headed about this. He always says something like "Let's talk about this. What is your plan exactly, do you see that we have no carpet in the baby's room or are you remembering we leave for tropical beach in two weeks?" (OK we never really go on vacation to any tropical beach, but you know...go see the out-laws or something) It doesn't make me want any less, but it keeps me from calling the placement coordinator.