Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oh, what a night...

In the good way!! BeBe did not get kicked out of preschool - Yay!!! That's not to say I think she had a good day there. I highly doubt it and I will know more when I see her teacher tomorrow. But at least she can go back tomorrow, right?

But more than that she was actually really fun to have around tonight. In the delightful, dance around and make silly faces three-year-old kind of way. She asked PB to "sing the guitar" and she really seemed to enjoy it. We genuiunely had a good time with very little need to correct behavior. Whoo-hoo!

Tomorrow morning I'll need to talk to her teacher, she already told me she "hit her friends" and when I picked her up she yanked a toy away from another kid. On the other hand, the aide that was watching all the kids when I got there said she is really independent and good about taking care of herself, so that's a plus.

And no, my mood tonight is in no way impacted by the red wine I had with dinner... and after... see PB didn't like it and I can't let good wine go to waste right?


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