Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Baby Bear Update

This week I've spoken with Baby Bear's mom and paternal grandma and by all accounts he is doing really well. Apparently he has grown a ton since he went home and he's really babbling now. It sounds like he is v. happy.

I *may* be going to see him this weekend. I say may because I'm still not sure I'm up to it. PB says he is not ready, and it seems weird to be going on my own. Plus I am a little nervous about how judgmental I'm likely to be... paternal grandma mentioned that they are giving him juice and baby food now which I know isn't appropriate for a 3 month old. But I don't have any say anymore and I really don't want to feel all disapproving.

Plus, I still miss him. A lot. More than I was really acknowledging, in fact. And I can't decide whether seeing him again will make that better or worse.


Yondalla said...

I wish I knew so I could tell you.

I suspect that when you are ready it will be helpful, but only if he is happy.

Is he ready? Will he be able to see you and see you go without being upset?

TeamWinks said...

What a tough decision to make. I hope you find peace with the one you choose.

Renee said...

Did you go? email me (thinking of you)