Saturday, December 09, 2006

When a fender bender is so much more...

I don't know where the time goes. It's been another week since I last posted. Baby Bear is over 2 months old now and will get his first set of shots on Monday. PB is taking him and BioMom is meeting him there, which is good. Things are actually pretty good on the BioMom front, after a rough couple of days earlier this week. Let's just say there was some serious drama about what's happening with Baby Bear during transport (which I can't control) and what was or was not contained in his diaper bag (which I can and do control). BioMom apologized for upsetting us by suggesting that Baby Bear wasn't being properly cared for and told me last night that she is starting a savings account for Baby Bear. I think both of these are v.v.good signs.

We had an interesting week though. Did you know that when you have the most minor of fender benders, it can ruin your whole day? Turns out it can if you just so happen to be dropping your foster son off at the babysitter's when said accident happens. I didn't know it at that time but that means 1) You have to take foster son to Urgent Care 2) You have to file a 20 (yes 20!) page incident report with your caseworker 3) You have to break the news to birthmom who is already feeling anxious about Baby Bear's care, and 4)You have to replace the carseat.

So yeah, that was fun.

Oh and something funny in an ironic sort of way?? Accident protocol was covered in the Rules class we attended at Children's Services today (2 days after the "incident"). Luckily J. is a seasoned foster parent and could tell me what to do.

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