Sunday, December 03, 2006

An update on Baby Bear

At Renee's request, I am posting a new update for Baby Bear. I guess first off, he's not so much of a baby anymore. Well, of course he's still a baby in the sense that he's little and adorable and helpless. But he's kind of lost that newborn look, you know?

He is over 12 lbs now. He goes back to the doctor on Dec 11th, so I'll have more precise stats then, but for now, just know that he is growing well. He eats *a lot* and he is awake much more, which is v. cool.

Also, last Wednesday, he flipped back to front. I am not sure if the stars were aligned and it happened accidentally or what, because he hasn't repeated it again. J. (his babysitter) just told me that she put him down on his belly and when she checked on him 10 minutes later he was on his back.

We're counting it as flipping over :-)

Baby Bear continues to visit with both mom and dad - he attends parenting classes with each of them (on mondays and tuesdays) and every other Thursday he has an additional visit with his mom. Aside from some transportation difficulties (like when PB went to pick him up last Thursday and was informed that he was being transported to our house, where no one was - grrr!) and a bit too much contact with Birthmom (like when she left 8, yes you read that right 8, messages on our voice mail while we were out of town for Thanksgiving), the contact between mom and dad and baby continues to go well.

I've also begun to pack up the littlest of his clothes, which he is definitely outgrowing. This is cool (he's doing so well!) but v. sad at the same time. I realize that the bigger he gets, the closer he is to going home. Which I really think will work out for him and which I really try hard to stay positive about. Most days I do OK, or at least I do OK on more days now than I used to, which is how I'm defining progress these days.

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