Saturday, December 23, 2006

BeBe is in the house!

Finally, an update. First, this one's pseudonym is going to be BeBe (close enough to her real name that I'll remember it, far enough away that I'm not violating confidentiality).

She is in one word, energetic. I have never seen such a busy little person... She is adorable, physically a beautiful child, with a great smile and huge brown eyes. She just turned three years old at the end of the September, but she's very tall, and very verbal. She seems to have been generally well-taken care of - she is happy and clearly not afraid of adults. LOL. She is in care because of a dispute between mom and boyfriend that ended badly. I really don't think she's been abused or neglected, so if / when mom gets the legal ramifications of this straightened out I think she will go home fairly quickly.

PB is really enjoying having her around, and I have to admit that he's better with her than I am... he is more patient in general. I am struggling with repeating things many, many times, but I'm doing my best. She literally goes from the second she wakes up in the morning to the second her head hits the pillow at night, so needless to say we are pretty tired.

It will be nice to have her around at Christmas time. My family is going nuts... she is going to have so much stuff. We took her to get her clothing voucher today and I also did her hair for the first time, which was... interesting. BeBe is African American and unfortunately, I wasn't able to take the class that is offered by our county agency yet. Luckily my sister has some experience from her daycare work, so she helped me this time, but she lives about an hour away. Anyone have any websites with good tips?

We have already visited mom once and I think BeBe will be calling her everyday. Not sure when they will get a regular visitation thing going, but hopefully soon. Mom is really distressed to be away from her, and this is the first time they've been separated since BeBe was born. And Mom is also 9 months pregnant (due today!) so I think she's got a lot on her plate right now.

Oh, and an update on Baby Bear - I heard from his paternal Grandma on Wednesday (the morning we got BeBe)... she said we had been on her mind and she wanted to encourage us to remain a part of Baby Bear's life. She said that she could tell how much we loved him from the way we looked at him, and I think she loves him just as much. She actually asked us to be his godparents... not sure exactly how I feel about that. PB and I will need to discuss it and decide. But I think we are going to get to see him again... if we can handle it.

Sorry it took me so long to update. It's only happening now because we're at my mom and dad's for Christmas and I can actually steal 10 minutes away. I'll try to update more frequently, but in the meantime, send me your best calming / patient karma, OK?


Renee said...

YAY! Thanks for the update! Im the hair carer of our home(so email me with any questions ok?)It really isnt too difficult, Id be happy to help!

Maerlowe said...

I know what you mean by the exhaustion. People tell me it gets better, but I still haven't hit my stride. Thankfully, I can last about 5 hours now, whereas the first week I was wasted by ten. Hang in there!

FosterMommy said...

Maybe you ARE psychic, either way, this is freaky...last week Niblet's parents asked us to be her godparents.

Seeing as how we had her for a year and visit with her almost every week and hope to do so as long as possible...we said yes.

We don't even know what the title means to them, but we figure we have plenty of time to ask them about that.
Guess I'll have to blog about this now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update... what a funny story about the hair.

And thanks for the update on Baby Bear. I didn't know if I wanted to hear about him again or not, but ultimately, I hope he's okay and it sounds like there is one person in his corner for a good life.